Break Through Cultural & Linguistic Differences

Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment

Employee confidence and cultural competence have concrete implications on the employee’s ability to close sales, the organization’s reputation, talent retention, employee advancement, and even professional status.

Maximize Profit

Maximize Profit

Understanding US culture results in higher profits by allowing you to negotiate effectively, retain top talent, close more sales, and correctly market your products and services.

Anticipate Needs

Anticipate Needs

Instead of being caught off-guard by unexpected cultural nuances or complexities, you can anticipate potential difficulties and be prepared for them – both for your organization and for your customers.

Advanced Cultural Support

Bridge Intercultural Consulting is here to help make your next international adventure a little easier by providing a wide range of cultural support services as needed.

Whether you need someone on-site for relocation or assessment purposes, some post-arrival support, an American expert on speed dial, or something in-between, we have you covered.

  • Cultural mediation, liaising, and on-hand cultural advising
  • Expand your business without worrying about the culture gap or cultural miscommunication
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Gain insight into what drives people from this region and how you can use that to create better relationships and more opportunities for success
  • Gain knowledge on US culture, behaviors, expectations, and language
  • Transform your company into a global leader
  • Have all your questions about the US answered by an American culture advisor – whenever you need it

Communication Support

We all know that communication is key to success, but let’s be honest: it’s tough.

Let’s face it. Most people struggle to communicate effectively with people who don’t share their culture or native language.

International expansion can be a challenge for any company, even without cultural and linguistic barriers in the way.

These mistakes can cost you dearly: lost business, damaged reputation, high talent turnover, failed marketing campaigns, and stressed employees, to name a few examples.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting makes sure you and your team have the right tools and training to communicate effectively. We help you:

  • Create more effective internal communications
  • Improve your international business relationships
  • Increase job satisfaction among employees from different cultures
  • Reduce miscommunication and misunderstanding between people from different countries (or regions)
  • Build trust between cross-cultural teams or teams within multicultural organizations

Get Inside Knowledge of Cultural Norms, Expectations, and Behaviors for Improved Market and Employee Success

It’s hard adapting to a new culture, whether as an employee or a business operating in the global market. That’s why we provide a wide range of cross-cultural support services tailored to your organization’s communication, talent, expansion, and development needs.

The American market is one of the most competitive in the world, so you need to get your message out there.

We help adapt your marketing strategies to resonate with an American audience. When you adjust your strategy to align with American expectations, you acquire a competitive edge against competitors.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting allows you to successfully navigate the US market by understanding American culture and creating sound strategies to maximize your success in the US.

  • Improve your company’s reputation and market share
  • Build an agile American marketing strategy to grow your business
  • Become more competitive in the US market
  • Be the first company people think of when they need what you offer
  • Help with American-style branding, marketing, and advertising
  • Better understand the US market and how to best approach it

Looking to grow your business and improve employee performance in the US? You won’t succeed in the US if you don’t understand how Americans think, act, and make decisions.

We provide customized training programs that are tailored to meet your specific needs by leveraging our cross-cultural experience, expertise, and global network of resources.

Our training and professional development services help you gain exposure to new markets and opportunities, improve your company’s sales and marketing performance, help executives become more effective, develop employee and executives’ skills in communication and persuasion, and help companies become more competitive in the American market.

  • Develop your skills in communication and persuasion.
  • Learn how to effectively work with new cultures and people.
  • Gain knowledge on US culture, behaviors, expectations, and language
  • Communicate with Americans in a way that is culturally appropriate
  • Be more confident and successful in the US market.
  • Gain a competitive edge over your peers.
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Better understand your employees and their needs
  • Get ahead of the competition with expert advice from a global perspective
  • Be more confident when working with Americans
  • Obtain the knowledge and support to take on any challenge that comes your way

Many foreign companies struggle in the US market, and success is not guaranteed – especially without a solid understanding of American culture, expectations, and behavior.

To get ahead of the competition, Bridge Intercultural Consulting makes sure you’re using best practices and getting an unbiased perspective on your operations and cultural knowledge.

We help your company succeed by helping you identify opportunities for growth, gain valuable insights into your corporation, get an unbiased perspective on what’s holding you back from success, and know your next steps with confidence and certainty.

  • Identify the best opportunities for growth and find out what’s holding you back from success
  • Gain valuable, data-driven insights into your business and know how to optimize your organization
  • Get the competitive edge you need in the US market
  • Get an unbiased, outside view of where your company and employees are at and what needs to be done to become more efficient and effective
  • Start off on the right foot for success in America and know what to do next with confidence and certainty

The United States is an incredibly diverse country, and it can be intimidating for people to navigate on their own.

Having a personal cultural concierge who knows all the ins and outs of US culture is invaluable.

Imagine how much easier it would be to get around town if someone on-hand to help you with directions, show you where everything is located in your new city, why people are acting the way they do, or even just explain what things are called?

Bridge Intercultural Consulting offers concierge cultural support, personal guides, and cultural mediators and liaisons to foreign organizations and individuals who need assistance with understanding US customs and navigating our country while they’re here. This includes taking people around town, personally helping them navigate US customs, being a local guide, providing individualized cultural orientation, or simply being an on-site resource to answer questions or provide guidance.

It’s nearly impossible to build a thriving business in the US without proper support. The competition is fierce, and there are many challenges you will face that your competitors won’t. There are cultural differences, language issues, and cultural nuances and complexities that make it difficult for unprepared businesses to succeed here.

There is no time to waste on mistakes or missteps. The strategies that work for you at home don’t always work here in the US. You need someone who knows how things work in this country so you don’t run into costly obstacles along the way.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting supports your team with cultural advising regarding strategic planning and research, to developing a US-centric marketing strategy, to business development for your entry into and success in the US market.

We’ll work with you through every step of the process so that nothing gets overlooked or falls through the cracks.

When you’re working with a multicultural team, how do you lead effectively? How do you get your employees to work together and respect each other’s cultures?

Cultural differences in the workplace are a major source of conflict and poor performance.

Managing a multicultural team can be tricky. Most companies focus on technical and professional skills, but they often ignore cultural competence.

This leads to low employee engagement, high turnover rates, and lost productivity as well as a negative impact on customer service and brand reputation.

You need to make sure that people communicate clearly and are on the same page, but also understand their differences in order to learn from one another. This is especially important for companies looking to expand into new markets or hire international talent.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting is a cultural consultancy that helps organizations overcome:

  • their cultural challenges through leadership development programs for executives with diverse teams
  • individual coaching for managers who need help managing Americans
  • cross-cultural training for employees from abroad coming to work in the United States or with Americans

If you’re struggling to effectively manage your international workforce, we will help you navigate these cultural challenges and improve your leadership and management skills so that you succeed in the United States.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting offers professional English-language research for foreign companies looking to enter or expand in the United States. We’ve done all the hard work so your team can focus on strategy, development, and expansion.

The US market is critical for any foreign company looking to expand into North America. However, entering a new market can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, and a lack of research will lead to costly mistakes that could have been easily avoided with the right information ahead of time.

It’s not enough to just open an office in New York or Los Angeles: you need local knowledge of the industry and culture before you even begin planning your expansion strategy or risk losing money and wasting resources.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting offers local market research support by helping you navigate the research process quickly and effectively with data-driven insights as part of your strategy moving forward into the US market.

You want to expand your business into the US market, but you don’t have a solid grasp of American English. Your reputation is at stake and poor communication can destroy trust in your brand.

When you’re not a native American English speaker, it’s hard to know if your intentions are conveyed correctly. When they’re not, the miscommunication may damage your company’s reputation.

We provide language review and support for foreign businesses entering the US market. Our editors are native American English speakers who will examine and adjust the content so that it is communicated correctly and effectively to an American audience.

We also offer English information simplification so that documents, meetings, and more can be clearly understood by non-native speakers.

When it comes to solving problems, sometimes being physically present is the only way to spur action and deal with problems effectively. This is great for complex problems that require comprehensive attention to quickly discover the problem and get a solution implemented.

We can solve problems for you that are too complex or difficult to solve remotely.

That could be job shadowing, being a cultural mediator or liaison during meetings, being on hand in case there’s a problem to solve, or even walking the floor to better understand employee complaints and concerns.

Ready to thrive in the US?

Send us a message and let’s discuss how Bridge Intercultural Consulting can help your company succeed and thrive in the US market!