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Empowering cross-border and cross-cultural interactions, business growth, and business strategies by bridging cultures, fostering growth, and enabling global success.






What Sets Us Apart

Bridge Intercultural offers several unique advantages:

  • U.S.-based insights with native U.S. English speakers
  • Deep understanding of the challenges faced by East Asians when working with Americans
  • U.S.-focused strategies and insights
  • Extensive US-focused research and market expectations
  • Fast, efficient, and comprehensive strategies and support

We are committed to helping our clients thrive in the U.S. business environment by providing tailored support and expertise. Let us be your bridge to success in the American market.

Company Overview: Bridge Intercultural

Bridge Intercultural is dedicated to helping non-U.S. companies and individuals navigate the complexities of the US market and interactions with Americans, including US strategies, local insights, integration, and adaptation within a variety of areas. We specialize in supporting East Asian clients, including those from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. We also support clients from Southeast Asia, Australasia, and Western Europe working with Americans, and US and Canadian clients that are integrating or bringing on East Asian team members and want to make the process more smooth and efficient.]

Our expertise lies in cross-border interpersonal skills, communication, cultural differences, problem-solving, and business strategies. We assist clients in developing U.S. business strategies, creating market entry plans, and fostering cross-cultural teamwork and leadership. Our mission is to ensure smooth transitions and successful business interactions, allowing our clients to excel in their core activities.

Bridge Intercultural supports American and Canadian companies in effectively integrating East Asian team members, enhancing collaboration and cohesion. We bridge cultural gaps in business strategy, growth, and interactions, providing third-party insights to help our clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Founded in 2020, Bridge Intercultural was created after recognizing that many foreign companies and individuals struggled to fully and easily understand the cultural dynamics and expectations of the U.S. market. We aim to provide native U.S. support, overcome cultural barriers, and ensure our clients’ success in the U.S.

Meet the Founder: Allison Yeager

Allison Yeager, the owner and primary consultant of Bridge Intercultural, has over 15 years of marketing experience and more than a decade of teaching communication skills. Her diverse background includes working with CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, HR, sales, and management teams. She is a skilled coach, consultant, facilitator, educator, strategist, and problem-solver. 

Allison’s journey began with a desire to help companies and individuals succeed in the U.S. by fostering strong collaborations and confident interactions. She emphasizes the importance of understanding not only the “what” but also the “why” and “how” behind her recommendations, believing this approach leads to long-term growth and success.

Allison created Bridge Intercultural to address the unique challenges non-Americans face in the U.S. market. She ensures that the ‘doers’ can focus on what they do best by providing support and guidance in other critical areas. Her mission is to empower clients through modern solutions for global integration, going beyond language barriers to achieve true cross-cultural and cross-border success.

Educational background:

  • MA + BA in History
  • Minors in Naval Science and Aerospace Studies
  • MBA Certificate

Speaker at:

  • Global Chamber
  • SME Career Cafe
  • Business in Japan
  • International Expansion Explained
  • Japan Expert Insights
About Bridge Intercultural - Bridge Intercultural Consulting

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