Helping International Businesses

Improve Productivity, Efficiency, & Performance in the US Market

What We Do

We help Japanese, South Korean, and other Asian companies and employees with marketing, cross-cultural and intercultural communication, and business development for a sustainable competitive edge in the US market.



Bridge Intercultural Consulting helps you:

  • Identify cultural challenges
  • Assess cultural risks
  • Build capacities for effective communication with US culture
  • Navigate cultural complexities and nuances
  • Avoid common mistakes when working across cultures

Our methods vary depending on the situation, whether it’s as an on-site cultural liaison and mediator, on-hand cultural advisor, cultural educator, or anything in between.

Our customized approach helps individuals understand how to effectively communicate in different situations and improve their confidence by developing skills and strategies for successful international business interactions.

Communication is essential to get your message out there and grow your business. We help you adapt your communication – both verbal and non-verbal – to resonate with your American audience.

The United States is, after all, home to some of your biggest competitors, customers, and suppliers, so you want to make sure your message reaches them.

When you do not fully understand what motivates or frustrates Americans, you miss out on tremendous opportunities for growth and ultimately lose money.

We help you understand and adjust to American expectations so that you can create robust, practical strategies for growth, conversion, sales, and brand building here in the United States.

How We Do It

We consider the unique needs of your organization before creating and implementing any plans. To do this, we employ a wide range of skills, knowledge, and assets to support your company during US market entry and development, including:


Talent Development

Audits & Assessments

Concierge Cultural Support

Leadership & Management

American Business Development

Market Research

English Language Support

On-Site Support

Why Bridge Intercultural Consulting?

Bridge Intercultural Consulting specializes in supporting East Asian organizations, particularly Japanese and South Korean companies, with their US marketing and communication challenges, and deciphering American culture to help employees improve cross-cultural communications.

We believe that business can only expand to and thrive in the US by fully understanding the dynamics of how different cultures interact with each other, solve problems, and communicate.

Ready to Expand into the US?

Send us a message and let’s discuss how Bridge Intercultural Consulting can help your company succeed and thrive in the US market!