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Bridge Intercultural Consulting:
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Bridge Intercultural Consulting helps organizations overcome international communication, cultural, and marketing barriers. We partner closely with you to provide unparalleled service customized to suit your unique global communication and business needs.

We help your organization reach its goals, such as:

  • Improve communication with Americans
  • Support overcoming differences, struggles, and concerns between US and home cultures
  • Minimizing communication barriers and mistakes
Welcome - Bridge Intercultural Consulting

Bridge Intercultural Consulting operates from a distinctive position in the industry.

Most consultancies only provide basic training and possess a limited understanding of the significant cultural impact on foreign businesses’ operations, efficiency, and productivity.

We offer premium solutions that address the significant cultural and communication issues facing Asian companies and employees when interacting with Americans.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting’s advanced service offerings provide significant advantages over large consultancies that are unable to tailor their services to a company’s unique operational, cultural, and communication challenges.

  • We are passionate about working with you to achieve your target objectives. 
  • We take the time to listen closely and understand your goals, needs, and concerns to meet them head-on or guide you through the process accordingly.
  • We do not look for quick answers or temporary fixes to the difficulties you are facing.

Instead, we identify the underlying causes of complex issues and create comprehensive approaches and solutions that will endure long after our assistance ends.

We offer ongoing support to swiftly and effectively resolve future problems.


Bridge Intercultural Consulting implements an in-depth process used to diagnose and solve intercultural communication and marketing issues that slow a company’s growth and profits and help with organizational culture, employee development, and cultural differences and concerns.

Our approach involves understanding organizational dynamics and the role of individuals within an organization, such as how relationships impact sales or people’s ability to perform their jobs.

Bridge Intercultural Consulting Methodology

Important factors for success include our ability to:

  • Apply theoretical concepts and research findings that align with both business objectives and long-term corporate growth plans
  • Tailor solutions by addressing root causes instead of symptoms while considering the overarching implications of the problem(s)
  • Negotiate the tensions of working with a foreign culture and language while maintaining your company’s core values and principles
  • Undertake transparent, collaborative design processes where we will work together to create clear, actionable solutions

Bridge Intercultural Consulting is committed to creating long-term relationships that focus on practical, sustainable, agile solutions for both business and personal growth. We offer ongoing support for our clients to ensure employees are always equipped with the tools and resources necessary to succeed as they collaborate with their counterparts abroad.

Welcome - Bridge Intercultural Consulting

Our Philosophy

Keep it simple.

Our goal is to provide support and advice that is useful, insightful, and easy to understand and apply. We don’t make things more complicated than they need to be!

Our Mission

To help people and companies reach their full potential through understanding and communicating effectively with American connections, clients, customers, employees, and business partners.

Our Vision

To be the trusted American partner of international companies by providing unparalleled guidance and support regarding American culture and communication barriers and concerns.


Our values are our promise to you. We have an unwavering commitment to our clients, the communities in which we operate, and to each other. It is at the core of everything we do.







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